July, 2008

Welcome to SEPAC CORP!!!sepac_miami

SEPAC Corp. is an engineering company, that thow it´s 35 years have help our customers to use electrical power effectively, increasing it´s industrial productivity in a sustainable way.

SEPAC Corp.  is well equipped to provide excitation systems for power generators. Many systems have been supplied covering a variety of generating plants. The very latest digital techniques are used to provide flexible and cost effective solutions.planta

SEPAC’s static excitation system RAV 1101/1111 are designed to operate on electrical generators ranging from a few Megawatts to up to 600 MW. Our ability consist in managing projects by forming multi-disciplinary teams to work on large scale contracts all over the world.

Typical responsibilities include general administration of projects,design studies, system engineering and application, manufacturing, supplying, assembly supervision, installation, start-up and training.








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