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In 1985 the Mexican Federal Power Generation Board approached both local and overseas suppliers of high power voltage regulator equipment with a request to investigate the possibility of replacing existing field controls of power generation alternators.

As a result of this exercise, SEPAC CORPORATION, with the backup of many years of Thorn Automation expertise obtained orders for AVR equipment that has now become a standard along with d.c. controlled rectifier bridges with up to 9000 AMPS capacity and with sophisticated digital control systems. All this has been achieved without a vestige of electrical interference between the high and low power sections and without any specification compromises.

TRACTION RECTIFIERStraccion_rectifiers

SEPAC CORPORATION through the Thorn Automation technology, is well equipped to handle traction rectifier contracts for main line, suburban, underground, rapid transit, tramway, trolleybus and mining railways.

In these last years the designs have advanced in line with modern digital technology and techniques. Many Equipment are supplied as part of a comprehensive contract involving transformers, rectifiers, a.c. and d.c. switchgear, supervisory control and auxiliary equipment. Modernization with silicon rectifier replacements for ageing mercury arc equipment have also been undertaken.

The majority of d.c. traction systems employ a nominal track supply of 600-750 Volts although sets of up to 500kW operating at 3000 Volts have been supplied. Rectifiers for traction services are usually naturally air cooled for quiet operation and enhanced reliability. Where this mode of cooling in not possible alternative arrangements such as forced air cooling and closed-air circuit designs are available.


SEPAC CORPORATION, through the Thorn Automation technology, is well equipped to handle for all electrochemical and electrometallurgical applications.
Typical of these applications are the production of chlorine, caustic soda, hydrogen, oxygen and the refining or winning of metals such as copper, zinc and cobalt. Similar equipment provide d.c. power for many other processes such as plating, tinning, galvanizing and electrochemical machining.

Optimum designs take advantage of a variety of control divices including tap change, transductor, regulator, thyristor and combination arrangements. A variety of cooling arrangements are possible but typically these are forced air cooled or liquid cooled equipment.


plant for general industrial use encompasses a variety of different applications demanding a broad understanding of power engineering. SEPAC CORPORATION with the backup years of Thorn Automation is prepare to design and manufacture of all types of power conversion equipment and has successfully used this knowledge to provide:industria_rectificadores

Rectifier installations for factories, dockyards, shipboard and shore-to-ship supplies.

DC power supplies for laboratories, research establishments, test stations, cranes, high power magnets, cathodic protection, machines and processes.

Other applications including rectifiers for the chlorination of sea water, electro phoretic painting, resistance heating and a.c. regulators for a variety of loads.









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